Penny Stocks in Focus: ATMH, BNCM, MCPH, NWBO

Investors need to be aware of the latest happenings in the market if they are to be successful in discovering penny stocks to follow. It can sometimes be an arduous task to sift through all the news. However, this feature would provide you with a closer look into the four penny stocks that have been in focus lately.

All Things Mobile Analytic Inc. (OTC:ATMH) On September 12, the company made a joint statement with SpeedTelecom1 LLC pertaining to the launch of a new, updated product named All Things Mobile Analytic Inc. announced in its news release yesterday that the product was a path-breaking new solution that would change the way travelers stay connected while on the move. In the news release, it was noted that was an advanced eSIM service that offered smooth, easy, and cost-effective connectivity globally.

SpeedTelecom1 would manage it. In this day and age, both leisure and business travelers need to stay connected at all times. In such a situation, would provide the best solution for mobile data and connectivity on global roaming. Due to this product, travelers would no longer need to purchase local SIM cards or pay considerable global roaming fees. Additionally, there is also the associated problem of unreliable connectivity. The activation process for the eSIM is instant and happens through a mobile app. Additionally, it is compatible with a wide array of tablets, smart phones, and wearable devices.

Bounce Mobile Systems Inc. (OTC: BNCM) On September 11, the company announced its plans for the expansion of its revenue-driven business segments. Bounce Mobile Systems Inc. noted that the businesses were synergistic in nature and would help in the maximization of its networks, return on investment for the shareholders, and manpower. The company announced that it was involved in managing the listing of Delex Healthcare Group in collaboration with SERVEBANK Financial Group. It ought to be noted that Delex has been focused on the distribution and development of pharmaceutical products for more than 12 years.

It boasts more than 1000 distribution channels at this point, and that includes pharmacies, hospitals, healthcare establishments, and clinics. Additionally, Bounce Mobile Systems also announced that it would collaborate on real estate development through partnerships with veterans of the industry. The company noted that it would strike up partnerships with contractors, architects, and interior designers to provide construction and design services to home buyers.

Midland Capital Holdings Corp. (OTC: MCPH) The company is the parent company of Midland Federal Savings and Loan Association (the bank). On Tuesday, Midland Capital Holdings Corp. announced that it had come to an agreement with Midfed Acquisition Corp. to acquire both the company and the bank. Midfed Acquisition Corp. was recently formed as a corporation by experienced investors and bank executives.

The agreement had been adopted unanimously by the boards of both organizations. The transaction would be an all-cash one, which would equate to a percentage of the bank’s capital and the holding company’s net performing assets at the time of closing.

Northwest Biotherapeutics (OTC: NWBO) The biotech company, which is involved in the development of customized immune therapies for solid cancer tumors called DCVax, made a key announcement yesterday. Northwest Biotherapeutics announced that it added a new member to its Scientific Advisory Board in the form of Dr. Linda Liau, MD, PHD, and MBA. Additionally, she had also been the lead investigator of the Phase 3 trial of DCVax.

Currently, Dr. Liau is Professor and Director of the UCLA Brain Tumor Program and Chair of the Department of Neurosurgery at UCLA. Last but certainly not least, she had also been elected to the National Academy of Medicine.

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