Business Warrior Corporation (OTC:BZWR) Unveils Cutting-Edge Marketing Solutions for Lenders

Source for cloud-based lending solutions, Business Warrior Corporation (OTC:BZWR) announced the launch of an innovative advertising service for lenders, supported by a money-back guarantee. A comprehensive solution, the service harnesses advanced marketing strategies for attracting top-quality borrowers as well as achieving returns on investments for banks, private lenders, and credit unions.

The service comprises deep knowledge, advanced strategies for marketing as well as a borrower-centric approach. The firm’s 300% return on investment history for the clients is robust proof of its effectiveness, which combined with technical experience, ensures comprehensive solutions from industry experts. Advanced advertising techniques targeting borrowers are at the core of the firm’s Business Warrior’s Marketing Services. Its experience in paid social advertising, paid search advertising, as well as digital marketing channels, ensures ideal loan offerings.

Jonathan Brooks, President of Business Warrior said that the marketing solution bridges development experience with marketing services presenting a significant opportunity for lenders. Brooks added that attracting qualified borrowers, maximizing visibility as well as optimizing loan flow for borrower payments are being enabled through its software, PayPlan.

Business Warrior has a team of lending experts with both a deep understanding and years of experience in the lending industry’s dynamics. They work with clients for developing tailored marketing strategies aligned with their objectives and goals. This includes boosting lead generation, ameliorating cost per acquisition, and increasing loan profitability.

Jonathan added that a trustworthy marketing system is critical as lending demand increases and hence the proven marketing system ensures advertising efforts generate a robust return on investment. He further stated that the firm’s goal is to ensure lenders thrive in the dynamic scenario and also maximize client return on investment.

Business Warrior Corporation also announced the financial results for the quarter ending May 31, 2023. The firm had 3.8% quarter-over-quarter revenue growth along with lower expenses in the same period. The firm also had a stupendous revenue surge due to its recently launched signature product, PayPlan.

The firm had a robust performance for nine months ending May 31, 2023, with revenue of $3,243,742, which was 33% higher than the previous year. The firm forecasts operating expenses to stabilize in each area except for promotion and advertising. Lower expenses and higher revenues are setting a robust financial road ahead and will form a cornerstone of the firm’s plan to gain market share.

The firm successfully transitioned its business model as well as unified its strategy for addressing crucial demands in the lender market. The firm’s strategic evolution since acquisitions transitioned the business model from just serving small business owners to giving innovative lending software as a service.A combination of lending and marketing software has provided comprehensive solutions for the firm’s target customers.

Publicly traded company Business Warrior Corporation is a full-service provider with end-to-end lending technology.  Founded in 2014, the firm has a virtual workforce as well as employees worldwide.

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