Penny Stocks On Radar: BSEG, NILIF, VXTRF, TORVF

Every day millions of investors rush to the markets for the purpose of discovering the next big thing among penny stocks. However, it may not be as easy if one does not follow the latest trends in the market. This feature would provide you with a closer look into four penny stocks that may be worth adding to the watch lists.

Big Screen Entertainment Group Inc (OTC:BSEG) – Yesterday, the company was in focus after it announced that it had promoted Catherine Taylor to President of Development. In the press release sent out by Big Screen Entertainment Group Inc yesterday, the company noted that Taylor was not only a visionary director but also a renowned creative who had made considerable contributions to the company and the entertainment industry at large.

Taylor is a Fulbright Scholar and graduated from the American Film Institute. During the course of her career at the company she had been involved in fruitful collaborations with Kimberley Kates, the Chief Executive Officer, on a number of projects that drew significant praise.  In the new role, Taylor would be involved in heading and expanding the content division of the company. She is an expert in the horror niche and would use her expertise to boost Big Screen Entertainment’s catalog of horror films.

Surge Battery Metals Inc (OTC:NILIF) – On Wednesday, the company had come into prime focus among investors after announced that it had made considerable expansion in its land holdings at the Nevada North Lithium Project. Surge Battery Metals Inc announced that it had managed to bring about the expansion through additional staking. Additionally, it also went into an agreement with M3 Metals Corp for the expansion.

Through the staking and the agreement with M3 Metals, the land position with the company went up to as much as 12800 acres. Previously, the land position of the company at the project had been 6270 acres.

The Chie Executive Officer of the company Greg Reimer spoke about the development as well. He noted that he was particularly pleased at the agreement reached with M3 Metals since it would ensure that Surge Battery Metals controlled the expansion into deposits of high-tenor lithium clay deposits. He went on to note that the package of land would be added to its exploration initiatives in the upcoming months.

Voxtur Analytics Corp (OTC:VXTRF) – The North American technology firm is involved in the development of a more accessible and transparent real estate lending ecosystem. Yesterday, Voxtur Analytics Corp announced that it had raised the size of its non-brokered private placement worth $4,000,000 of its units to $20,000,000. The company had made the previous announcement about the private placement on June 26.

On June 26 the company had managed to close transactions for units worth $3.3 million. Since then it had got commitments for subscribers for units of $7.2 million. That would take the total to $10.5 million worth of units.

Volt Carbon Technologies Inc (OTC:TORVF) – On Wednesday the company announced that it had settled a lawsuit with a former director and officer of the company amicably. The lawsuit was related to a claim by Mineral Development/1957457 Ontario Inc and its principal Paul Ogilvie. Ogilvie was a former officer and director at Volt Carbon Technologies Inc. In the lawsuit filed on January 5, 2021, Ogilvie had sought $814,820 in unpaid compensation and alleged wrongful termination damages worth $1,000,000.

The company countersued for damages of up to $3 million for negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, and breach of duty of loyalty among others. Recently, the concerned parties agreed to dismiss the claim and counterclaim to be settled without costs.



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