Penny Stock Momentum List: ATDS, CAPV, BRZV, CEOS

While it is true that penny stocks may require a degree of risk tolerance from investors, it is also true that these stocks can be absolutely perfect for new investors. They can make small investments and stand to make strong long-term gains with the right bets. Here is a closer look at five penny stocks that could be tracked right now.

Data443 Risk Mitigation Inc. (OTC:ATDS) The data security and privacy software firm Data443 Risk Mitigation Inc. is meant for ‘All Things Data Security’. On August 3, the company announced that it had been recognized as a sample vendor in the 2023 Data Security, Privacy, and Storage and Data Protection Technologies Gartner® Hype CycleTM Reports under the ‘Data Discovery’ category.

The founder and Chief Executive Officer of the company, Jason Remillard, spoke about the development. He noted that everyone at the company was proud of the recognition in the Gartner Hype Cycle Reports for the year 2023. He went on to note that the Data Identification Manager provided by the company was a powerful solution that could classify, discover, migrate, and archive data automatically, regardless of the location of the data. Remillard also stated that the solution deployed as many as 1200 sensitive data patterns for executing the task accurately and at speed.

Cabo Verde Capital Inc. (OTC:CAPV) On Thursday, there was a significant development with regards to VYRE Network, the streaming platform that is fully owned by Cabo Verde Capital Inc. VYRE Network announced that it had created VYRE Business News Global, or VBGN TV, with the purpose of showcasing small-cap companies, brand partners, and business leaders. It was further noted that the content would be delivered with no bias and would be distributed through TV news shows, informal editorials, business-related documentaries, trending news, and special networking events.

VYRE Network claimed that VBGN TV was going to be the next powerhouse in the media scene for business news, which would empower the small companies of the day and age. The VYRE App commands a considerable reach since it reaches streaming devices and households spread across 186 nations. VBGN TV is mainly going to be focused on the United States markets, but soon enough it will expand its focus into the Middle East, Australia, Africa, Asia, South America, and Central America.

Breezer Ventures Inc. (OTC:BRVZ) On August 3, Breezer Ventures Inc. announced the launch of its new gin products, which would complement its current line-up of Ultra Premium Vodka and Bourbon. The company developed its new gin product through a partnership between its fully owned subsidiary unit, Magnum Finest Spirits Inc., and Kalifornia Distilleries Inc.

The company claimed that the gin was created through the deployment of recipes dating back many centuries and 300 years of distilling heritage in the family. The name of the new gin is Magnum 1770, and it would bear a hint of juniper as well as a proprietary blend of some botanicals. Breezer Ventures also noted in its press release that the product would have a luxurious taste.

CECORS Inc. (OTC:CEOS) Yesterday, it emerged that CECORS Inc.’s fully owned subsidiary unit, VetComm, had appointed a new Chief Operations Officer in the form of Rick Kowarick. VetComm is specifically involved in providing VA benefits through services and courses. In its news release yesterday, it was noted that Kowarick boasted a distinguished track record of success in a range of industries. Additionally, he also brought considerable expertise to the table in terms of strategic planning, cross-functional collaboration, and operations management. In his role, Kowarick would be responsible for managing and optimizing all the operations of VetComm.

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