Institute of Biomedical Research Corp. (OTC:MRES) Stock Picks Up Momentum: But Why?

Pioneering force in nutraceutical biotechnology specializing in plant-based cannabinoids, cutting-edge mental health therapeutic research, and medical psilocybin, the Institute of Biomedical Research Corp. (OTC:MRES) gave an update on the latest development. The company confirmed that M2 Bio Sciences introduced the debut of a mixed martial arts organization, “M2 MMA”.

It would be spread across Thailand, the UAE, and South Africa. M2 MMA will be the first foray into combat sports. M2Bio Sciences’ is committed to the wellness and health of athletes and makes efforts towards respectful treatment of fighters. The company is ushering fitness science into athlete care, addressing cerebral injuries and inflammatory conditions.

Jeff Robinson, CEO of M2Bio Sciences, expressed enthusiasm for the announcement of this initiative, which extends the global footprint of the firm across Africa, the UAE, and Asia. Robinson added that the launch stands as proof of the unwavering dedication to unite athleticism and science. He added that combining the artistry of combat sports with cutting-edge science encapsulates the mission of elevating both the mental and physical dimensions of athletes to chart a fresh course for success.

Through this initiative, the company is on the cusp of changing the paradigms underpinning athlete care within the industry.

The Institute of Biomedical Research Corp. also confirmed on M2Bio Sciences the appointment of Adrian Maizey to the esteemed Advisory Board. A leader and data analytics expert, Adrian Maizey has a wealth of experience as well as expertise from previous roles in top-tier firms, including Johannesburg Stock Exchange companies and the New York Stock Exchange. Additionally, he has been engaged with the US private equity and hedge fund industries.

The Chief Executive Officer of Rand Capital Coffee, Maizey, founded the company in 2019 and has 65 Starbucks cafes across Southern Africa, which demonstrates his leadership. Rand Capital Coffee, a subsidiary of Rand Capital, is an investment advisory firm that Adrian founded in 2012.

He held various positions in a number of important investment and financial firms, demonstrating his capabilities. Adrian also served as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer of ESL Investments, where he managed $22 billion. Furthermore, he oversaw its operations, including tax, legal, accounting, treasury, investor relations, marketing, and compliance departments.

Adrian Maizey said joining M2Bio Sciences is incredible, as he would be surrounded by a team of brilliant minds. Maizey added that the chance to contribute to Robinson’s vision and ambition is a privilege. He added that there are amazing discoveries and achievements that await on this exciting journey.

Jeff Robinson, CEO of M2Bio Sciences, welcomed Maizey and said that his experience in the investment and financial sectors makes him a valuable addition to the Advisory Board. He added that Adrian’s strategic acumen and insights will undoubtedly play a significant role in propelling M2Bio Sciences to new heights. Lastly, he said that the appointment reinforces M2Bio Sciences’ commitment to fostering innovation as well as advancing transformative solutions.

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