Penny Stocks to Watch: ZRFY, AFFU, AWSL, EXMT

The market for penny stocks is significantly large and quite vibrant. Every day, thousands upon thousands of investors flock to the stock markets to discover the next big thing. However, it usually takes diligent research to find one. Here is a quick look at four penny stocks that investors could currently watch.

Zerify Inc. (OTC:ZRFY) The cybersecurity company, which has been in business for 22 years, is focused on end-point security and secure collaboration. On Tuesday, Zerify Inc. announced that the firm Porky Products Inc. had licensed its product, Zerify Defender. It is an end-point security product that helps protect customer and corporate data from malware attacks.

The Technology Manager of Porky Products Mike Vollmer spoke about the development. He noted that the company had a comprehensive cybersecurity plan in place, and Zerify Defender would be a major constituent of that particular strategy. He added that the product was the only one on the market that provided proactive protection for keystrokes, devices, applications, and processes at once.

The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Mark L. Kay, stated that everyone at Zerify was thrilled at the fact that Porky Products had chosen its product to protect 300 of its remote and internal computers. He added that Zerify Defender had been created for the purpose of complementing the existing anti-virus and end-point security infrastructure at enterprises.

Affluence Corp. (OTC: AFFU) On August 22, the leader in smart city software and Internet of Things technology announced its financial results for the second fiscal quarter of 2023. Affluence Corp. recorded revenues of $563,000 for the second quarter and also signed up its first SaaS (software as a service) customer during the quarter. Additionally, the company also revealed that it had signed its first United States-based customer through the Dell Technologies partnership.

The Chief Executive Officer of the company, James E. Honan Jr., spoke about the performance in the quarter and called it a ‘quarter of firsts’. He commended the team for their performance and announced that Affluence Corp. had generated net income of $42322 for the quarter. While the company’s year-on-year revenues were down, he noted that it was because the management had made a conscious decision to bring more predictability to its revenue stream through the addition of a SaaS alternative for its clients.

Atlantic Power & Infrastructure Corp. (OTC: AWSL) Yesterday, the company was in focus after it made a major announcement about NGAG Inc., its subsidiary unit. Atlantic Power & Infrastructure Corp. announced that NGAG had entered into an exclusive distribution partnership with the firm Bio Global Industries Ltd.

The partnership could be a particularly important one since it would set the stage for the launch of NGAG’s path-breaking new biostimulant-infused planting gel, enhanced with ASOCOGEL technology. Bio Global Industries would introduce the product in the United Kingdom exclusively under the brand Natural Soak, its private label brand. ASCOGEL marked a new age in plant nourishment, as per the news release from the company yesterday.

Alternative Wellness Health Inc. (OTC: EXMT) The company was in the news yesterday after it announced that it was going to start a marketing campaign in order to boost product awareness. It ought to be noted that the marketing campaign would coincide with the expanded range of CBD product offerings from Alternative Wellness Health, Inc.

The company would look to have multiple SKUs for its products so that they get more shelf space and create more of a visual effect. That could lead to greater brand awareness and recognition for its expanded range of products.

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