Penny Stocks to Watch: OLVI, STOCF, IGPK, QCCO

Investors flock to the markets on a daily basis to discover the next big thing among penny stocks, and it can often prove to be a task steeped in diligent research. Here is a look at four penny stocks that have been in focus lately and could be added to watch lists.

Oliveda International Inc. (OTC:OLVI) On September 13, the company announced that it had launched the first coffee replacement in the world. Oliveda International Inc. revealed that the product was based on olive leaf and a bioactive ingredient named hydroxytyrosol. The company further noted that it would be showcased by its subsidiary unit, Olive Tree People, in Los Angeles on September 15 and 16.

In this context, it ought to be noted that Olive Tree People is a pioneering company and the leading waterless olive tree beauty company in the world, which offers a significant range of products. In the news release yesterday, it was announced that the latest product had been inspired by the mountain olive trees, which were 400 years old.

A number of different mushrooms grow beneath those trees and interact naturally with the leaves of the mountain olive trees, which are ecologically certified. Due to the significant side effects of coffee like dizziness, anxiety, insomnia, and dehydration, among others, the coffee replacement market has grown sharply. Projections suggest 73 billion cups of such coffee-replacement beverages would be consumed annually.

Stock Trend Capital Inc. (OTC: STOCF) On Wednesday, the company provided an update pertaining to its investment in the privately held Canadian company YOUNET, which is involved in the development of RABBIT AI, an artificial intelligence platform. Stock Trend Capital Inc. announced that on September 13, YOUNET announced that it had launched its novel artificial intelligence platform.

In the news release from YOUNET, it was revealed that RABBIT AI was a path-breaking platform that would provide users with the option of creating customized artificial intelligence models on the basis of how they act at work. Users would not need any coding expertise in order to operate the platform. An employee can use the platform to feed it with data in a range of formats, from emails and texts to actual files. RABBIT AI then studies the data into actionable insights and helps in delivering higher efficiency to the day-to-day tasks that he performs.

Integrated Cannabis Solutions Inc. (OTC: IGPK): Yesterday, the company announced that Houdini Group Inc., its vertically integrated cannabis subsidiary, had completed the acquisition of The Tahoe Group LLC as well as its DBAs Genesis Distribution and Phoenix Delivery. Integrated Cannabis Solutions Inc. announced that The Tahoe Group, a major vertically integrated cannabis firm, held a microlicense for the distribution, delivery, and light manufacturing of cannabis.

The acquisition would allow Houdini Group to get into the delivery sector and provide the experience of a virtual store to its customers. Such a move would provide the cost efficiencies associated with the regular retail model.

QC Holdings Inc. (OTC: QCCO) On September 13, the company announced its financial results for the second fiscal quarter. QC Holdings Inc. announced that in the six-month period ended June 30, 2023, it had suffered net losses to the tune of $1.1 million against revenues of $81.8 million.

In the prior-year period, the company suffered net losses of $1.7 million against revenues of $62.1 million. The boost in revenues that the company experienced was brought about by the revenues generated by the 200 branches of Hutcheson Enterprises Inc., which it had acquired in May last year.

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