Penny Stocks in Focus: EQLB, ASTA, NASO, LDDFF

Investors are almost always on the lookout for stocks that can generate outsized gains, and penny stocks fit the bill. However, investors need to be a bit more risk-tolerant with regard to these stocks and do their research well. Here is a look at four penny stocks that have been in focus lately.

EQ Labs Inc. (OTC:EQLB) On September 6, the company came into focus after it announced that its product, Last Shot, had finally made it to the shelves at Harry Reed International Airport. EQ Labs Inc. announced that the product was back on the shelves after having overcome the difficulties that had been posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company noted that it had entered into a partnership with the company MR Whitsett Inc., and thanks to that, Last Shot was going to be made available at the high-traffic A, B, C, and D concourses. It ought to be noted that Harry Reed is one of the busiest business airports in the United States, and the company called it a major new milestone.

Additionally, EQ Labs also noted that the first order was for more than 90 cases, while the second order was for more than 100. The company asserted that the magnitude of the orders was a promising sign with regards to future growth. Since the airport services travelers from all over the world, the company had the opportunity to cater the product to a global and diverse customer base.

Astra Veda Corporation (OTC: ASTA) The company, which is well-known for its penchant for launching disruptive tech start-ups, announced yesterday that it had picked up a 15% equity stake in the firm Ballistic Barrier Products (BBP). Astra Veda Corporation called the development a significant milestone it its journey as a company. The company further noted that it was also a testament to its commitment to supporting innovation and growth in emerging markets. There was no cash involved in the transaction.

Astra Veda Corporation noted in its press release that it sought to turn BBP from a firm with an unproven concept to one with a thriving manufacturing business. The company seeks to achieve that in two years. The move to pick up the stake had been decided following a meeting between the executive team of Astra Veda and the BBP founding partners recently.

Naples Soap Company Inc. (OTC: NASO) The wholesale self-care product provider and retail leader made a key announcement yesterday. Naples Soap Company Inc. announced that it had expanded its line of wholesale products beyond its traditional branded skin and hair care products. The new products would include high-quality and complementary ancillary home and bath items.

The company noted that it had decided to come up with the move in light of the unsustainable rise in rates from middle-market providers. Due to such a state of affairs, the leaderboard times were rising and the profit margins were dropping.

Liberty Defense Holdings Ltd. (OTC: LDDFF) The company is known as one of the leading artificial intelligence-powered new-generation solutions providers for the protection of secure locations against unlawful weapons and other threats. On Monday, Liberty Defense Holdings Ltd. announced that it had entered into a service agreement with Native Ads Inc. dated September 18, 2023.

It was revealed that Native Ads would tailor a marketing campaign for the company for the total retainer of C$250000 in a term of a maximum of 12 months, or at the point at which the retainer ends. A comprehensive digital media advertising campaign would be created by Native Ads as per the agreement.

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