Thumzup Media Corporation (OTC:TZUP) Stock In Focus After Recent News

Companies are known for working on a range of hacks to generate growth, and any updates regarding the strategies are always closely watched. Yesterday, it was Thumzup Media Corporation (OTC:TZUP) that came into focus after it reiterated that its focus was going to be on Instagram in relation to its marketing needs heading into next year as well.

The company announced that it was going to continue with the strategy given the fact that it continued to add new advertisers to its platform at an impressive rate. The company announced last week that it had managed to add in excess of 50 new advertisers to its platform since June 1. It reflected growth of more than 40% and was also a display of the growing adoption of the Thumzup Media platform.

In this context, it ought to be noted that, as per an article published recently by Social Shepherd, as many as 62.4% of people use Instagram for the purpose of researching products and services. Additionally, 72% of marketers are dependent on Instagram in order to get into collaborations with creators and influencers. Instagram is currently the 4th most popular social media app worldwide in terms of active users and is only behind Facebook, TikTok, and WhatsApp.

A report from Insider Intelligence revealed that in 2023, ad spending on Instagram was six times higher than what had been spent on TikTok. Robert Steele, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Thumzup Media, spoke about the strategy as well. He noted that although the company aimed to support a number of social media platforms, there was a belief that the decision to start off with Instagram was a sound strategy. He went on to note that everyone at the company was excited at the growing adoption of the Thumzup Media platform by businesses and users.

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