Bettermood Food Corporation (OTC:MOOF) Stock Takes a Hit: Here is Why

The plant based food industry has emerged as an interesting sector and investors are often on the lookout for companies that could be tracked in that space. One of the companies that could be of interest to such investors is Bettermood Food Corporation (OTC:MOOF), an emerging outfit and innovator in the plant based food space.

On April 3 the company had been in the news cycle after it announced that its product Moodrink had once again sold out and some of the independent stores in Canada had also placed re-orders. The company noted that the strong demand for the product could be seen as an indication of the rising popularity of Moodrink among consumers at those stores.

Bettermood Food Corporation noted that the consistent demand for the product was being seen as its acceptance by Canadian consumers. It was also announced that the management of the company was excited about the fact that Moodrink had exceeded expectations and had not embarked on a promising trajectory in terms of performance in the near term.

The Chief Executive Officer of Bettermood Food Corporation Nima Bahrami recently provided a key insight during a conference call with investors. Bahrami stated that Moodrink had been restocked at the warehouses of the distribution partners United Natural Foods (UNFI) Canada.

The distributor UNFI is responsible for making sure that the product is restocked and made available to consumers in Canada quickly. Hence, UNFI plays a pivotal role in meeting the rising demand for Moodrink in Canada. In yesterday’s news release, the CEO noted that the fact that Moodrink had sold out and bee reordered was a rewarding development for the entire team at Bettermood Food Corporation. Bahrami went on to note that the management was more motivated than ever to continue with the expansion of its market reach.

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