Seven Arts Entertainment Inc. (OTC:SAPX) Stock On Radar After Business Update

This morning, most investors are going to focus on those companies that may have been in the news cycle yesterday, and by that token, it could be a good time to consider taking a look into Seven Arts Entertainment Inc. (OTC:SAPX).

On Wednesday, the music and film production company came into focus after it came up with some key updates. The company noted that as it approached the end of its fiscal year, its management was excited about the fact that Seven Arts Entertainment had managed to get into a position from which it could generate significant and immediate growth over the long term.

It was also revealed that recently, the company had entered into an amended agreement with Lionsgate Entertainment for around $8 million worth of filmed assets of Seven Arts Entertainment. However, that was not all. In the news release, it was also revealed that the representatives of Lionsgate and Seven Arts Entertainment had also commenced discussions on the further development of assets. The development of assets would be particularly focused on the growing market in Atlanta, Georgia. The market has been home to Seven Arts Entertainment since 2021.

At this point, Lionsgate is going through a restructuring, but much of the focus is on the company’s efforts pertaining to the studios in Atlanta. Seven Arts Entertainment also noted that it had decided against putting out joint news releases until Lionsgate completed its transition process. The company‚Äôs management was intent on restoring Seven Arts Entertainment to its previous status in the industry, and hence, it was working on acquiring new assets and bringing new streams of revenue on board. To that end, the company had gone into negotiations with a number of big-ticket studios. In the coming days, Seven Arts Entertainment is also expected to announce third-party agreements worth more than $15 million.


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