Valiant Eagle Inc. (OTC:PSRU) Stock In Focus After Latest Update

On Monday, there were a number of companies that had come into focus for one reason or another, and one of those was Valiant Eagle Inc. (OTC:PSRU) following a key announcement from its subsidiary unit, VE Gaming. VE Gaming is an innovative entity in the realm of new-age technologies, and on Monday it announced the launch of its Kitchen Pantry Chef Version 1. The company revealed that the path-breaking mobile application was backed by artificial intelligence and had been designed for the purpose of changing the face of meal planning as well as preparation. Concurrently, the mobile application also aimed to address the problem of food waste.

In the news release, the company noted that in the modern world, food waste has hit worrying levels, and billions of tons of food end up in landfills on a yearly basis. As per the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, around 1.3 billion tons of food are wasted worldwide on a yearly basis. That figure works out to a third of all the food that is produced for consumption. 40% of the food goes un-eaten in the United States alone, and that often leads to economic loss as well as environmental harm.

It was noted that VE Gaming recognized the need to tackle the major humanitarian and environmental issues of food waste. Hence, it developed the Kitchen Pantry Chef app. The app had been designed as a potent tool meant for providing users with the power to transform staples of the kitchen into delicious dishes and contributing towards minimizing food waste while boosting cooking creativity. Users would be able to input their kitchen inventory easily, and then the app would help in tracking the available ingredients accurately so as to reduce waste as much as possible and help with kitchen planning.

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