Rodedawg Intl. Ind., Inc. (OTC: RWGI) Forges Ahead with Comprehensive Cannabis Venture: Manufacturing, Distribution, and Delivery on the Horizon

Rodedawg International Industries Inc (OTC:RWGI) announced that the firm will continue expansion into California’s licensed cannabis market.

Chris Swartz, CEO of Rodedawg Intl. Ind., Inc said that the firm is proud on announcing to the shareholders that Rodedawg has signed a Binding Letter of Intent for expanding into the California licensed market. Swartz added that this will expedite growth in revenue streams through fresh product offerings as well as distribution outlets. The CEO added that the Letter of Intent will enable the company to operate in a licensed cannabis facility with an option to buy the company as well as move ahead with the goal of $7 million plus in revenues for 2023.

Chris Swartz further stated that the Letter of Intent will give the company with a purchase option of a license, the ability to launch cannabis delivery service as well as the agreement of the distribution. The company is aiming to operationalize delivery service when the final contracts are done.

Work has commenced with an updated website and the firm will notify shareholders of the cannabis delivery service launch. Brother Buds delivery service will start in Southern California and the company aims to license it nationally. California had the highest number of consumers of cannabis in the United States in 2020, with about 6.7 million. The firm will also announce its progress with healthcare products. Moreover, it aims to further the brand with the acquisition of a multi-million dollar complimentary brand.

Swartz finally expressed gratitude to the loyal shareholders for continuing to keep the faith as it became a formidable cannabis company. The CEO informed that the company is also completing its audit and positioning itself for uplisting, which would be informed to shareholders in the coming weeks.

Rodedawg International Industries Inc announced expansion into the healthcare industry with the purchase of Elixicure Pain Relief.

Chris Swartz, CEO of Rodedawgsaid that the company is proud on announcing to shareholders on Elixicure and the acquisition of its assets. The CEO further stated that shareholders are gaining an advantage from 6 years of healthcare marketing experience as well as the evolution of the Elixicure brand.

Its team raised more than 3 million dollars and the firm is acquiring it both for equipment as well as gains on the front of research, formulas, and brand awareness. It includes transportation, manufacturing equipment, and warehouse equipment. The firm expanded operationally and generated about a million in revenues in just 3 years. The product is embedded in sports culture and has seen significant success in chiropractic and healthcare centers.

As per the CEO, the global topical pain relief market size was valued at $8.8 billion in 2019. It is anticipated to reach $12.2 billion by 2027. He believes that there is a significant market and the acquisition positions the firm to expand into services generating revenue streams.


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