Tocca Life Holdings Inc (OTC:TLIF) Stock Takes a Hit: Here is Why

In light of the key announcement made by Tocca Life Holdings Inc. (OTC:TLIF) on Tuesday, it is quite likely that the company is going to come into focus this morning. Hence, it could be a good idea to take a closer look at the developments. On May 7, it emerged that Tocca Life Holdings and Green Concepts Inc. had entered into a partnership to boost the opportunities in the health and wellness space, in addition to physical and mental clarity, in the United States healthcare industry worth $4.5 trillion.

In the news release, it was noted that the harmonious and symbiotic relationship also promoted branding and consumer marketing inside both companies. It would be particularly important since the companies would operate in the United States, the fastest-growing and biggest revenue-generating fitness market worldwide. Tocca Life Holdings and Greene Concepts would both be focused on improving the overall wellness of their customers.

Tocca Life Holdings’ focus on fitness and rock climbing would be particularly advantageous in this context. Both of those offerings would help in promoting brain power, cardiorespiratory fitness, mental health and strength building. Green Concepts would be important for providing its BE WATER brand that would deliver a convenient and value conscious solution for promoting higher water consumption.

The Chief Executive Officer and President of Tocca Life Holdings Stephen Carnes spoke about Be Climbing, the venture that had been created by the two companies. He noted that it would become a major source of attraction in Orlando, Florida, one of the most popular destinations for vacations in the world. He went on to state that the company already operated a 10000 square foot rock climbing facility in the city even as it prepared to open its highly advanced 30000 square foot indoor climbing center in Orlando.

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