Endexx (OTCMKTS:EDXC) Wins Major Orders For Hemp Based Products From International Distributors And Retailers

Endexx (OTCMKTS:EDXC) received orders for good quality hemp-based products from its major international distributors and retailers. The company received an overwhelming demand for its high-quality products during the ongoing coronavirus crisis. However, several of its products are struck in the warehouses nationwide.

Order flow resumed

The orders for high-quality products derived from hemp regained momentum shortly before Memorial Day. Several consumers are increasingly seeking wellness and health solutions during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and created ample demand for high-quality hemp-based products of Endexx.

Develops relationships with retailers

Endexx engaging as CBD Unlimited (CBDUL) established relationships with vital players in the pharmacy and retail segments.

Its efforts resulted in access to a wide range of distributors in the independent wellness markets, and pharmacy/ retails sectors and satisfy growing demand.

CBD Unlimited is geared up and filled the shelves of retailers and wholesalers with high-quality products because the economy is opening up. Todd Davis, Chairman, and CEO of CBD Unlimited, said the company is excited to enter into pacts with great partners to promote expansion. CBD Unlimited is meeting the delivery of premium products to its customers because of its success in reaching the pharmacy and mass retail markets. CBD Unlimited reported quarterly sales of over $1 million.

CBD Unlimited acquired Kush Inc, which is located in New York, in Q1, 2020. Kush is specialized in developing brands through strategic marketing, e-commerce, and networking.

Kush holds Kushwear supporting labels for distribution, production, and sale of hemp-based high-quality products together with sustainable bioproducts. David commenting on the deal said the takeover of Kush will support its growth strategies because it is exploring new markets. CBDUL will coordinate with the R&D team of Kush to expand its product line.

CBDUL posted $1.31 million in revenues in Q2 2020. David said the company achieved a 91% YoY Growth because of strategic adjustments to the current market scenario and selling the products through diverse modes.

CBDUL added Peter Governale, a marketing expert in beverages and alcohol, and Daniel S. Brandwein to its board. The company also commenced the first phase testing of TrailRMix, an innovative equine cannabidiol product line.

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