WeedMD Inc (OTCMKTS:WDDMF) Introduces Strain-Specific Vapes: Unveils Patient Direct Service In Greater Toronto: Completes Planting Of Over 18,000 Cannabis Plants

WeedMD Inc (OTCMKTS:WDDMF) unveiled strain-specific vapes (medicinal vaporizer pens) called Aurum Vapes. The company introduced these innovative vapes for Starseed patients nationwide. It is as part of its initiative to expanding the medical cannabis line to provide insured benefits.

Availability of strain-specific vapes

WeedMD said its innovative vapes will be available soon for medical-use. The company will also introduce cannabis 2.0 products for adult-use in Q3 2020.

WeedMD is producing Aurum Vapes at its CX Industries in-house. Cannabis concentrates extracted from the outdoor and indoor biomass harvests will be filled in the Aurum vapes. The company will first introduce strain-specific products under Ghost Train Haze. It will then launch Mango Haze and high cannabidiol strain formats.

Cannabis 2.0 strategy

CEO of WeedMD, Angelo Tesbelis, said the company evolved the cannabis 2.0 strategy after assessing the need to offer strain-specific products to provide relief from specific conditions for medical patients. Precise delivery of the cannabis is ensured to the patients through alternate delivery techniques.

WeedMD developed Aurum vapes using its in-house talent in extraction, cultivation, and processing as an alternative method of consumption. The refined medical products that comply with international standards for safety and quality complement the high-quality product line of WeedMD. It sources the required hardware for its innovative medical vapes from the Blinc Group based in New York.

CCO of WeedMD said the company prioritizes quality, safety, and health in the development and manufacturing of Aurum Vapes. The company releases Aurum Vapes after several months of perfecting the formulation and testing.

Introduces same-day delivery service

WeedMD unveiled same-day home delivery service for its medical-use cannabis products. The Patient-Direct service services the patients in greater Toronto beginning June. It will ensure order fulfillment from its distribution center located in Bowmanville, Ontario.

Patient-Direct service eliminates delays caused due to delivery service disruptions and postal delays. It is offered to the existing and new Starseed medicinal patients. The company will also extend the service to its patients soon.

Completes planting of over 18,000 plants

WeedMD completed the planting of more than 18,000 fully rooted plants on its outdoor field that spans a 27-acre area. The company also said Aylmer based CX Industries extraction facility is now fully functional.

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