Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd (OTCMKTS:NSPDF) Submits Clinical Trial Design Protocol To Health Canada For Covaltinib, A Target Drug For COVID-19 Treatment

Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd (OTCMKTS:NSPDF) expedites clinical trial application for its target drug – Covaltinib for the treatment of coronavirus. As part of the plan submitted to Health Canada on May 17, 2020, the company shared CTDP (clinical trial design protocol) through a proposed JV with BPR (Biologic Paramedical Research). The company is now preparing additional documentation for submission to Health Canada.

An effective cure to coronavirus infections

Naturally, Splendid expects to provide an effective treatment for patients suffering from coronavirus infections using its promising drug – Covaltinib. The cytokine storm phenomenon is caused because of an aggravated inflammatory response to the infection. It is the chief cause for resource strain, mass hospitalization, morbidity, and complications resulting in death. Information gathered from the research on patented technology related to Covaltinib offers consistency with the protocols for treatment. According to experts, it expects to offer a promising cure for patients infected with the coronavirus.

What Franco Cavaleri says about treatment?

Franco Cavaleri, a researcher, engages with the drug development for 18 years. He said new drugs are developed using innovative technology even before the spread of coronavirus. So far, the company used pharmacology to treat other ailments in humans. It can now be used to cure infections of coronavirus besides other ailments.

The renewed need for effective cure arises because of an increased spike in coronavirus cases in the US and overseas. Medical communities are working relentlessly to bring a vaccine to treat coronavirus, which is expected to spread further in the fall. However, developing a vaccine is a long term need and takes more time. An effective measure is a necessity to treat coronavirus disease soon.

Phase 2 clinical trial of Covaltinib

The phase 2 clinical study is targeted to ascertain the effectiveness of Covaltinib in curing coronavirus infections while reducing the strain on resources and morbidity. Covaltinib will also act as a prophylactic measure to protect from similar threats in the future.

BPR discovered Covaltinib to cure coronavirus infections effectively. The drug is put through a research program developed by BPR to study the key drugs in controlling inflammatory activity and regulating the immune system.  Covaltinib is proven in the research to inhibit cytokines like IL6, which lead to cytokine storm phenomenon.

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