Akerna Corp (NASDAQ:KERN) Will Add Donation Feature In Its MJ Platform To Support The Black Community Through The Last Prisoner Project

Akerna Corp (NASDAQ:KERN) decided to include a donation feature in its seed-to-sale compliant ERP software technology platform. It helps the company to support the black community through LPP (Last Prisoner Project), which is established by the industry leaders in the cannabis industry.

LPP is established to facilitate the release of cannabis prisoners and provide necessary assistance to rebuild their lives to lead a normal life. Black community accounts for 84% of over 2,000 people sentenced in 2018 for offenses associated with marijuana use. Of the total of 60% of the white population in the US, only 11% of them indulged in marijuana-related offenses.

Something good for the black community

CEO of Akerna, Jessica Billingsley, said he and others overcome with sadness and anger over the violent and senseless deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and others. He wanted to do something good for the black community instead of simply saying the lives of black doe matter. Therefore, the addition of a donation feature to the MJ Platform PSS (point of sale solution) helps the customers donate generously to LPP and provide a meaningful way to the black community affected disproportionately by a war on illegal drugs.

Collect donations from consumers

Co-founder of LPP, Steve DeAngelo, said legalized use of cannabis in the US is growing. The company intends to help those still in prison because of offenses related to marijuana use and get them out to lead a normal life by providing a small amount collected through donations. Akerna comes out with an innovative solution to overcome the difficulties and challenges posed to LPP in getting support from consumers and cannabis retailers. Steve said cannabis retailers using Akerna MJPlatform can seamlessly collect small sums as donations from the consumers and support those in need.

Adult-use cannabis delivery is still illegal in Colorado, despite increasing coronavirus cases though others considered it an essential service. To force the state of Colorado, allowing the delivery of recreational marijuana straight to the doorstep, several insiders in the cannabis industry unveiled cannabis against coronavirus campaigns. They will add a surcharge of $20 to each delivery for contributing to the coronavirus relief agencies. MJ Freeway, which is owned by Akerna, entered a pact with the campaign for an online streaming festival. The funds collected through this initiative will be used to support frontline healthcare workers.

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