Bevcreation, A Subsidiary Of Koios Beverage Corp (OTCMKTS: KBEVF), Expects To Report Revenues Of Over $1 Million From Denver Canning Facility In The First Year Of Creation

Koios Beverage Corp (OTCMKTS: KBEVF) added Canning Facility through its subsidiary – Bevcreation, for its functional beverage products, Fit Soda and KOIOS. This is apart from the third-party beverages on a contract basis.

Koios already reported booking of 60% of its manufacturing capacity through early next year. It expects to post revenues of over $1 million from the Denver-based canning facility in the first year of creation.

Creation of sample beverages

Besides targeting to improve the supply chain’s efficiency, product quality, and profitability, Koios also plans to create sample beverage products like canned alcoholic beverages for experimental needs by utilizing its canning facility. Jubilant with its hard seltzer beverages, Koios plans to create a variant of Fit Soda blended with grain liquor.

Creates Bevcreation LLC

Koios signed a pact with Beauty Gourmet LLC to create an ancillary – Bevcreation LLC. The subsidiary engages in the operation of a beverage canning facility. It is engaged in the packaging of Fit Soda and nootropic beverages.

Bevcreation undertakes the contract work of functional beverages for third parties. Its contract packaging services are already booked until early 2022. The company’s confirmed average monthly revenues are over $80,000 after it commenced canning operations in early February 2021.

Boosts market presence

Koios improved its market presence by entering many distribution-related accords since Q4 2020 for its Fit Soda and KOIOS beverages. The company added more than 200 convenience stores in Colorado. It also added more than 100 HEB supermarkets in Texas.

Gets approval for placement of Fit Soda in Sprouts Farmers Market

Koios received approval for Fit Soda functional beverages and KOIOS nootropic beverages at Sprouts Farmers Market.

The company will improve its presence and revenues by getting access to over 360 stores of the Sprouts Market in 23 states. Its total presence improves to over 4,200 stores across the US by adding Sprouts.

Koios beverages will be available at Sprouts outlets beginning April 2021. Nootropic beverages are developed to improve mental drive, memory, energy, and mental clarity. Fit Soda infused with electrolytes and BCAAs supplies nutrients to your body.

Chris Miller, CEO of Koios, said the company is excited to enter a pact with Sprouts to carry its nine SKUs. Its products improve nutrition and cognitive function.

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