Tauriga Sciences Inc (OTCMKTS:TAUG) Selects Mr. Checkout Distributors For The Distribution Of Its Tauri-Gum To Over 200,000 Locations And Retailers Nationwide

Tauriga Sciences Inc (OTCMKTS:TAUG) signed a distribution accord with Mr. Checkout Distributors on June 29, 2020. As per the terms of the pact, Mr. Checkout will improve the presence of Tauri-Gum of Tauriga in more than 200,000 retailers and locations as well across the nation.

Funding support

The stores of Mr. Checkout comprise supermarket chains, gas station marts, and convenience stores in the US. Mr. Checkout also extended a funding option for inventory to support large volumes of Tauri-Gum.

6-flavors of chewing gum

Tauriga offers Tauri-Gum in 6 different flavors, namely:-

  • Zinc and Vitamin C infused immune booster in Pear Bellini flavor,
  • Cannabigerol Isolate infused in black currant,
  • Peach-lemon flavors,
  • Cannabidiol isolates infused in blood orange,
  • Pomegranate, and
  • Mint flavors

Seth M. Shaw, CEO of Tauriga, said the company is pleased to enter a deal with a prominent DSD distributor to introduce its flagship chewing gum – Tauri-Gum in the US. This strategy helps the company to make Tauri-Gum into a national brand by introducing it in September 2020.

CEO of Mr. Checkout, Joel Goldstein, said the company decided to include Tauri-Gum for national distribution after several months of review. It is impressed with the packaging, diversity, taste, and quality of this new brand.

Dr. Keith Aqua joins Tauriga

Dr. Keith Aqua joined as a Chief Medical Officer at Tauriga with effect from July 15, 2020. The agreement signed with Keith will expire on July 15, 2021. During his assignment, Keith will facilitate the development of medical use Tauri-Gum. He will also create a distribution network to promote Tauri-Gum sales to several medical practices and physicians in Southern Florida.

Issues 750,000 common shares to Keith

As per the terms of the agreement, Tauriga will issue 750,000 common shares to Keith on joining. It will also grant 750,000 common shares, of which 62,500 in equal installments from August 15, 2020, onwards, and the balance as a quarterly payout of $4,000.

Commences production of Tauri-Gum

Tauriga commenced manufacturing of Tauri-Gum infused with CBG in black currant flavor. It will produce 8,500 blister packs to satisfy the growing demand for a new variant of Tauri-Gum in the first run. It will introduce CBG infused Tauri-Gum in Peach Lemon flavor after few months.

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