MPX International Corp. (CNSX:MPXI) Strikes a Production and Distribution Deal through its Wholly-Owned Subsidiary, Canveda Inc

Through years of rapid evolvement, MPX International Corp. (CNSX:MPXI) applied its expertise in cultivation of best-in-class cannabis concentrates and extracts. Its portfolio of products caters to the everyday rising demand from the market to market. Nonetheless, through education and comprehensive retail experiences, the company continues to involve its consumers in discovering the exciting world of cannabis.

The multinational cannabis company has obtained a production and distribution deal with Panaxia Pharmaceutical Industries Israel Ltd. Through its Wholly-Owned Subsidiary, Canveda Inc., the company will market and sell cannabis in Israel under the subsidiary’s medical brand “Salus BioPharma.”

This is such a privilege to MPX, given that Panaxia Pharma is the largest manufacturer and distributor of medical cannabis products in Israel. It has a couple of certifications from the Israeli Ministry of Health and the EU-GMP standard certification required in Europe.

A Purchase Agreement with Zenabis Ltd. for the Supply of Cannabis

MPX International is making big strides every day. After a production and distribution deal with Panaxia, the company is now on a purchase agreement with Zenabis Ltd for high-quality cannabis flowers. The COO Canada of MPXI, Michael Arnkvarn, says they have identified several international opportunities, hence purchasing Canadian cannabis.

As a large scale producer in the Canadian cannabis cultivation space, Zenabis Global Inc. can meet MPX’s needs.

Arnkvarn says, “We were introduced to Zenabis as a potential partner and have been impressed by the magnitude and quality of products that they have to offer.”

The agreement is consistent with the company’s strategy of linking Canadian cannabis license holders, domestic, and international markets. Meanwhile, Canveda continues to service other supply agreements with the Provincial Governments of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

In other news, MPX launched a new recreation brand, Strain Rec™, which receives positive feedback. The company used Saskatchewan, a relatively small market, to test the waters and did not disappoint. Brand recognition is fundamental to achievement in the marketplace. W. Scott Boyes, the company’s CEO, says they are excited at the turn of events and will continue to expand its offerings.

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