Spartan Wellness Corporation, A Subsidiary Of MPX International Corp (OTCMKTS:MPXOF), Enters A Pact With Medical Cannabis by Shoppers Drug Mart Inc To Support Canadians

Spartan Wellness Corporation, an auxiliary unit of MPX International Corp (OTCMKTS:MPXOF), signed a services accord with Shoppers Drug Mart’s subsidiary – Medical Cannabis by Shoppers Drug Mart Inc.

Supports Canadians to manage anxiety, and depression

The services agreement entered on July 1, 2020, helps Spartan to support Canadians to manage pain, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and other chronic conditions.

First Responders and Veterans have established Spartan to focus on using medical cannabis as a mechanism to reduce the harm compared to traditional treatments like opioids. The services offered by Spartan are provided through a virtual medical clinic. They are transferrable across several patient groups.

CEO of Spartan, Riad Byne, said the company maintains direct relationships with the patients seeking CBD based and cannabis medicines to cure certain medical conditions. The patients are allowed to choose the right cannabis medicine for their medical conditions through a licensed provider and purchase from Medical Cannabis By Shoppers.

Virtual clinics for critical support

He said the company is offering refined virtual medical clinical services for more than 3- years. They are critical at this juncture of the ongoing coronavirus crisis because several patients require medical care from their homes. Riad said the alliance with Medical Cannabis By Shoppers helps to serve the patients better and efficiently.

Use of professionals and volunteers

Spartan will use the services of professionals and volunteers to provide clinical services to Shoppers Drug Mart.

The company will offer services like delivery methods, precise doses of cannabis-based medicines, general education, and follow-up appointments to ensure patients’ wellbeing and monitor their health.

CEO of MPX, W. Scott Boyes, said the company is excited to form an association with Shoppers Drug Market because it is expanding cannabis business for medical use in Canada. Unique capabilities of Spartan help MPX to work closely with Shoppers Drug Mart and derive rich dividends.

Posts revenues of $798,516

MPX reported a growth of 29.5% to $798,516 in Q2 2020. The company raised funds of $3.348 million as a first tranche through a private placement of 3,348 units. It will use the proceeds for working capital, facility development, and product manufacturing in Switzerland and expand retail in Canada.

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