Kaya Holdings Inc. (OTCMKTS:KAYS) Announces the Appointment of a Veteran Pet Industry Executive to Lead Its Cannamo™ Brand of CBD Pet Products

Through a fully integrated group of companies, Kaya Holdings Inc. (OTCMKTS:KAYS) supports the production, distribution, and selling of highly distinctive brands of cannabis products. Some of its products include vape cartridges, oils, flowers, baked goods and beverages, and cannabis-infused confections. The company also operates a seed-to-sale legal marijuana enterprise in the United States. Its success has come through the application of both sophisticated and straightforward philosophies.

The simple philosophy outlines the consistent provision of high-quality products and fair prices to reach a broad base of customers. Its vertical business fundamentals define the company’s sophisticated philosophy controls, such as brand strength, compliance, vision, and the ability to navigate the growing and complex industry successfully.

Kaya Holdings Partnership with Kaya Kannabis and the Hiring of a new CEO

The first U.S. publicly traded company has taken yet another bold move of partnering with Kaya Kannabis. Through a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”), KBI will acquire a 50% ownership interest in Greekkannabis. The MOU also sets a pace for KBI to offer its expertise in the cultivation, processing, and brand development of cannabis. However, KBI will have to reimburse GKC for 50% of its license application costs.

It is worth noting that KAYS Cannabis has been very successful in its operations, which run through three main majority-owned subsidiaries. They include Marijuana Holdings Americas, Inc, Kaya Brands USA, Inc, and Kaya Brands International, Inc.

In other news, Kaya Kannabis has brought on board a veteran pet industry executive to take up the roles of a CEO. Calliope Zogopoulou will be in charge of the company’s recently announced Cannamo™ brand of CBD pet products.

According to one of the Kaya Kannabis executives, Panagiotis Kinnis, Zogopoulou can establish strong business relationships. Besides, she has been doing for so many years as an operational administrator and executive of “Ambrosia Pet Food.”

“We believe she has the experience, relationships, and leadership to bring our very first product line to market in Greece and the EU,” Kinnis stressed.

The validation of the partnership and the appointment of Zogopoulou is a clear indicator of the company’s plan to incorporate the talent and opportunities necessary for tapping into the international markets.

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