DELTA 9 CANNABIS Inc. (OTCMKTS:VRNDF) Opens Ninth Store In Canada and Enters Agreement With Alicanto

DELTA 9 CANNABIS Inc. (OTCMKTS:VRNDF) has announced the grand opening of its ninth delta 9 cannabis retail outlets and sixth cannabis store in Manitoba. The latest cannabis retail store is located in Winnipeg and opened on December 22, 2020.

Delta 9 opens its sixth store in Manitoba

The company now has six open stores in Manitoba and nine retail stores in Canada. Delta 9 targets up to 20 retail stores by 2022 with a long-term goal of opening more branded stores across the country. Its welcoming retail cannabis concept in combination with the focus on high traffic and convenient shopping locations has been exceptional in its vertical integration strategy. The latest store best of highly trained staff, an open modern shopping style, and a variety of products including cannabis oil, cannabis flower, edible, vape pens and concentrates.

John Arbuthnot, the company’s CEO said that they are delighted to bring Delta 9 to brand partners to Transcona residents and neighboring areas. He said that Winnipeg is an amazing market for the company and they are determined to continue investing and growing in the region. Arbuthnot added that the company’s retail strategy is offering the best cannabis product selection at a competitive price from leading cannabis manufacturers in the country.

Delta 9 Completes finals services agreement with Alicanto

Recently, the company announced the completion of its final services milestone under the agreement with Alicanto Gardens Ltd. Alicanto is a Micro Cultivation partner based in Manitoba which is an arm’s length third party that Delta 9 doesn’t have interest or ownership control in. On December 18, 2020, Alicanto announced that it reached a final milestone under SCA and received a cannabis micro cultivation license.

Alicanto is among Delta 9’s Micro Cultivators and it announced a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with the company. As per the agreement, Delta 9 will provide services relating to cannabis production, marketing services for the development of the Alicanto brand, consulting on Health Canada licensing, and developing standard operating procedures and sanitation programs. Equally, they will provide other services to the support acquisition of a license from Health Canada.

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