Banco Agrario Grants Non-dilutive Funding Of CAD 3 Million To Pharmacielo Ltd (OTCMKTS:PCLOF): Pharmacielo Signs An Accord With Assured Trans

Pharmacielo Ltd (OTCMKTS:PCLOF) signed a pact with AssuredTrans Inc to provide a value proposition to CBD buyers in the US.

Customized product specifications

The CBD purchasers in the US will enjoy an economical supply chain, assured quality assurance, and customized product specifications to suit manufacturing requirements. COO of AssuredTrans, Jeremy Applen said the company’s success in business is based on its capability to verify and validate the quality and specifications of the products supplied by third-parties. It also offers product insurance services for bulk buyers in the rapidly growing cannabidiol extracts market.

Addition of CBD products

Jeremy further said the company is excited to enter a pact with Pharmacielo that continues to offer quality products with customized specifications to satisfy the growing demand from international buyers. The alliance will help both the firms to meet the emerging demand for quality products from customers in the US. It can also maintain good relations with reliable manufacturers and help them with the addition of CBD to their product line.

Insures material and product specifications

The patent-pending ecosystem of AssuredTrans insures materials and maintains product specifications and safeguards the interests of the suppliers and manufacturers. Its proprietary system reduces the material and financial risks that arise in the purchase of raw ingredients like cannabidiol extracts. Therefore, larger producers can improve their scale of production and enjoy peace of mind.

Partners with testing services of 800-laboratory

AssuredTrans has entered a pact with 800-laboratory for testing services and audit provisions. By interacting with big established manufacturers that engage in health products both in the US and across the world and customers, the CEO of Pharmacielo, Henning Von Koss said the company identified a growing need for laboratory analysis services to ascertain the product quality.

Pharmacielo can make use of this alliance to offer guaranteed specifications according to customer needs, product verification, and insurance for the bulk buyers of its extracts in the US. Financial assurance and confidence in product quality turn the bulk buyers towards Pharmacielo and sign sale accords.

Banco Agrario offers fund assistance

Pharmacielo gets fund assistance of CAD 3 million from Banco Agrario de Colombia S.A, owned by the Colombian State. The company will use the funds for expanding its commercial efforts, maintain positive cash flow, and improve revenues soon.

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