Tauriga Sciences Inc (OTCMKTS:TAUG) Add 2 Unique CBG Infused Bath Bomb Fragrances In Its Product Line

Tauriga Sciences Inc (OTCMKTS:TAUG) expanded its product line to include 2 unique CBG (Cannabigerol) Bath Bomb fragrances (Black Currant and Peach Lemon). Each of the fragrances comprises 100 mg of CBG. The company previously introduced CBD-infused Bath Bombs under the Tauri-Gum trademark.

CBD infused Bath Bomb fragrances

Tauriga is also developing Pear Bellini fragrance. The company previously introduced 3 unique cannabidiol-infused Bath Bomb fragrances that comprise Pomegranate, Mint, and Blood Orange. It sells each 100 mg CBD infused product at $13.99.

Adds over 10 different products

Tauriga added over 10 unique CBD-infused products to its existing skincare offerings. The new CBD infused product offerings are Hand & Foot Cream, 120 mg Massage & Body Oil, 35 mg Transdermal Patch, 5mg Collagen tightening and detoxing face masks, 240 mg Roll-On Product, 120 mg body spray, 3 mg Anti-wrinkle cream, and 100 mg Face Moisturizer. All skincare products are available at its e-commerce site.

Tauriga introduced two new products Rainbow Bath Bomb Special and CBD Infused Linden Honey on its e-commerce site on February 19, 2021.

Completes funding of financial obligations

Tauriga signs MSA (Master Services Agreement) with CSTI (Clinical Strategies & Tactics, Inc.) based in North Carolina to resume the development of an Anti-Nausea pharma-grade version of its Taurigum. The roles of CSTI are pharmaceutical development plan, funding strategy, and commercialization strategy.

JoAnn C. Giannone, CEO, and founder of CSTI will contribute more than 25 years of experience in leading companies in drug development and medical device development. Tauriga provided complete funding for the project as per the agreed terms.

The pharmaceutical developmental strategy comprises product development and production strategy, non-clinical and clinical efficacy and safety strategy, development timeline, developmental costs and funding needed for each milestone, regulatory submission strategy, and prioritization of each element in the development program.

The commercialization strategy consists of pricing, market research, competitive analysis, target product profile, draft forecast, and market advantage/ product differentiation.

Director board agrees to terminate equity line of credit

Following the improvement in fundamentals, balance sheet, and macro business outlook, the board of directors of Tauriga agreed to terminate the equity line of credit (ELC).

On termination of ELC, Tuariga’s 43 million common shares will be returned to the treasury and kept as a reserve for future funding.

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