Tauriga Sciences Inc. (OTCMKTS:TAUG) Picks First Foods (OTCMKTS:FIFG) AS The Manufacturer Of Its New, Full Spectrum CBD-Infused Products

Tauriga Sciences Inc. (OTCMKTS:TAUG) has selected First Foods Group Inc. (OTCMKTS:FIFG) to be the manufacturer of its news, full-spectrum CBD-infused product line. Through the manufacturing partnership, Tauriga and Fast Foods have created three chocolate-based products variety leveraging South East Edibles’ capabilities.

Tauriga picks First Foods to manufacture its CBD-infused products

South East Edibles is First Food’s flagship brand and the products comprised full-spectrum CBD infused chocolate candies that include Vegan, Dairy-free, Kosher Certified (Orthodox Union), Artisan Crafted, and All natural. Notably, Tauriga’s full spectrum CBD-infused product line comprises three offerings: White Chocolate with Coconut Milk, White Chocolate with Turmeric + Lemon + Ginger, and White Chocolate with Melatonin + chamomiles and lavender. All products come in 600 mg Full Spectrum per Unit, but the first is sugar-based, and the last two are sugar-free, which makes them ideal for diabetes patients.

Seth M. Shaw, Tauriga’s CEO, said that for the last several months, the company’s management team has searched for a manufacturing partner to create a novel high-quality, full-spectrum CBD product line. Shaw said they are delighted to have picked First foods Inc. because of its innovative-based approach and impressive team. He also added that First Foods as a manufacturer controls the whole process as well as the quality assurance protocols. Shaw indicated that the company continues to expand its offerings and product lines as it builds its customer base and focuses on attaining long-term growth in respect to its retail structure.

Tauriga filed a patent for pharmaceutical grade Tauri-Gum™

Besides developing full-spectrum products, the company is also working on a Pharmaceutical Development initiative. The initiative relates to developing a possible Pharmaceutical grade Tauri-Gum™ version for regulating nausea in patients under chemotherapy treatment. On March 18, 2020, Tauriga announced a provisional IP patent application for the pharmaceutical grade Tauri-Gum™ version. The patent filed with the USPTO is Titled “Medicated CBD Compositions, Methods of Manufacture, and Methods of Treatment.”

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