Will American Aires, Inc. (OTCMKTS:AAIRF) Rebound on Increased Investor Interest?

Canadian-based nanotechnology company, American Aires, Inc. (OTCMKTS: AAIRF), has seen its share volume spike exponentially after a series of major announcements.

Tuesday, the dually-listed developer of microprocessors designed to reduce harmful electromagnetic radiation from everyday devices such as cellphones announced an update on their drop shipping initiative that consists of onboarding online stores based in North America (USA and Canada), which will sell the new LIFETUNE line of products.

Then on Wednesday morning the company announced a subscription plan eliminating large upfront costs that were turning away potential consumers, and should theoretically add a nice monthly baseline of revenue. Investor Relations firm, Emerging Markets, then released an updated report on the company.

AAIRF has traded over 3 million shares in the past two days.  This volume is by far the most interest the company has ever seen.  Unfortunately for investors, this volume has not had a positive impact on AAIRF’s share price.

AAIRF investors and interested bystanders are now left wondering if the company can rebound from its somewhat disappointing performance.  For now, investors would do well to keep AAIRF on their watchlist, if that.  

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