Halberd Corporation’s (OTCMKTS:HALB) Antibodies Effective Against Multiple Covid-19 Mutations

Shares of Halberd Corporation (OTCMKTS:HALB) are up after the company announced that two of its monoclonal antibodies have been found to be effective against different strains of COVID 19.

Market Action
As of 1:00 PM shares of HALB are up 39% trading at .05075 adding .0365 on the day. Volume is heavy at 67 million shares and 2929 trades have taken place. HALB has had a rough go as of late only closing green in 2 of its last 15 sessions. If HALB can hold on to its gains today it will be the first time since early March the stock has closed higher two days in a row. Trading opened today at .048 and has ranged between .04 and .0634. The high of the day did pierce last week’s high briefly before selling off.

The patent for the two antibodies is still pending but it has proven to be effective against three different strains of the virus. The company also announced that the antibodies are going to be tested on mice in order to confirm the results from the laboratory tests.

Testing on mice tests is expected to begin as soon as Halberd is able to secure disease-free and certified mice. William A. Hartman who is the Chief Executive Officer and the President of the company stated that it is an exciting development that the company’s antibodies are effective against many of the COVID 19 mutations.

He went on to state that he believes that the antibodies from Halberd could be the effective solution for many of the COVID 19 strains.

From the press release:- William A. Hartman, Chairman, President & CEO of Halberd Corporation, said, “It is very exciting to realize that our antibodies against the Covid-19 Spike Protein are also effective against several of the current global Covid-19 mutations. We believe that Halberd’s antibodies could be the solution for select Covid-19 mutations. Our work on antibodies continues in the search to develop even stronger bonding to the antigen’s limited number of S-protein binding sites on the surface of the virion as well as attacking the larger nucleus (N-proteins) at the cell level. This could produce an incredibly strong antibody binding mechanism to the SARS-CoV-2 antigens and their variants so that the antigens can be eliminated through the extracorporeal exposure to tuned radiofrequency energy.”

Two up days in a row might be the start of something for HALB, First things first, the stock needs to get past the .0634 area. If it does the 52 week high is .109.

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