Top 5 Losers in the Education and Training Services Industry

The following is a recap of Tuesday’s losers in the education and training industry.

Tarena International, Inc (NASDAQ:TEDU) the stock gained 1.13% in the pre-market after losing 3.79% in yesterday’s trading. It opened at $3.78 today. Net revenues increased by $81.5million for 1Q2021, a jump of 80.9% from year-ago. Net loss also improved by 64.68% year-over-year to $18.6 million. The stock traded on a tight range of $3.54 – $3.78, on a volume of 881k, more than double of its average volume of 421.1K shares. The stock is all set to record a new 52-week high when compared to its current of $3.88. In the last six-month the stock has gained almost 48%.

RISE Education Cayman Ltd (NASDAQ:REDU) declined 3.41%, one of the highest in the micro Education and Training Services Industry yesterday. It opened at $3.56 today pre-market. The stock has reduced 42.18% and 46.29% in the last 3 and 6 months respectively. On May 21, the stock touched a high of $3.78 after announcing better-than-expected quarterly results.

Zovio Inc (NASDAQ:ZVO) the education tech company reduced by 2.7% or $0.06 in yesterday’s session and closed at $2.16. The volume traded was 3.3.8K, little less than the average volume of 397.8K. The stock traded on a narrow range of 2.1300 – 2.2500. The stock fell yesterday after trading in green for three consecutive days. ZVO has lost 41.30% in value in the last 6 months. On May 20, the stock witneesed a slight blip as it announced its alliance with Munich Re, a reinsurance provider. The collaboration would aid “to provide debt-free education to their employees since 2019”. The stock is trading near its 52-week low of $2.02. Is a new low in sight for the stock?

Lixiang Education Holding Co., Ltd (NASDAQ:LXEH) declined 15.91% in the pre-market at 4:47. LXEH traded on a narrow range between $8.49 and $8.87. The stock has gained 4.39% this far in 2021 after touching a high of $10.87 early May. LEXH is trading much above its 52-week low of $5.6 and quite below its 52-week high of $11.0. The volume traded yesterday of 2,229was almost half of its average volume of 5,411.

Elite Education Group International Limited (NASDAQ:EEIQ) the stock had more down trading sessions than good days since the beginning of this month. It was one of the biggest losers, decining 1.0% to exit the market at $4.93. It has already reduced to $4.92 in pre-market. The last high the stock witnessed was on April 27, when it announced its expansion strategy through inorganic collaborations. In the past 6 months, EEIQ reduced by 38.38%. The stock is trading near its 52-weke low of $3.58.

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