InCapta Inc (OTCMKTS:INCT) Gives Out A Report About Its 2012 Business Road Map

The stock of InCapta Inc (OTCMKTS:INCT) rose by a margin of 16.67% to finally settle at $0.00070. The company appreciates its shareholders for the cooperation they have always shown right from the start. However, it wants them to realize that the market forces are the ones that always control the rising or the declining of stocks. It admits that it isn’t within its powers to determine its position in the stock markets. 

The new management sparking about impressive changes

The new management swung into operation back in 2017. It inherited the company in a very bad state. There was quite little revenue and the debt was unbearable. The company’s new management swung in action with determination to rescue it from its financial and operational turmoil.

This new team has achieved quite a lot in its undertakings so far. For example, it has managed to reduce the company’s debt margins significantly, with reports showing the figures standing at millions. 

The other major achievement has been the major increase in the company’s revenue streams. The company confirms that it has been able to fetch a strong revenue stream over the past two years. It takes great pride in reaching a point of achieving seven-figure revenue per year. The management wants to keep shareholders abreast with its 2021 business road map. 

New acquisition

A lot has been going on lately, the other thing being the company’s signing of a letter of intent to buy Quantix Golf, Inc. Just like the other deals, this one will be subject to the relevant closing conditions and terms.

Quantix Golf has been a fast-rising company that has been staging string competition to the rest within the larger and dynamic golf equipment industry. It is known for its top-class gloves and bags. InCapta, Inc’s success seems guaranteed and that is considering how it has been moving about its business operations. Analysts applaud its focus on building its business around successful ventures such as Quantix Golf. 

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