Lightwave Logic, Inc (OTCMKTS: LWLG) Latest Powerful Patent To Boost Technology Commercialization

Lightwave Logic, Inc (OTCMKTS: LWLG) has received its latest patent. The company outlines that it will enjoy greater freedom in its manufacturing operations considering the receipt of the latest patent. It also looks at the patent as something that positions it appropriately in the business.

The company will disclose that it will be using a new and effective device design of outstanding effectiveness. The device is set to be installed into advanced integrated photonic platforms and will facilitate mass-volume manufacturing activities.

The company says that it will continue making heavy investments into its proprietary electro-optic polymers, a move that will make it possible to transmit data at supersonic speeds. The company considers the new device to be somewhat reliable considering that it is protected by U.S. Patent number 11,042,051. Turning to the low-voltage operations and lowering power consumption happens to be the significant break for this company in the latest deal.

The patent’s essence

The company will undertake mass-volume commercialization activities while enjoying outstanding efficiency. It looks forward to working closely with some of the largest foundries.

The Chief Executive Officer of Lightwave Logic, Dr. Michael Lebby, opines, “Our technology is proving to be more important than ever as the industry and service providers increasingly consider high-speed, low-power and foundry compatibility – such as our technology offers – to be key metrics for success.”

Reaching out for greater heights of business success

Lightwave Logic, Inc has been working towards enhancing its service delivery. One of its best moves has been searching for means that would make it possible to utilize less power to transmit data at more incredible speeds.

 It has been counting on its high-stability and high-activity organic polymers to support the development of world-class photonic EO devices. It is always about the conversion of data from electrical signals to optical signals. The company has been focusing on applications found within the telecommunications and data communications markets.

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