InnerScope (OTCMKTS:INND) Stock Falls After The News: Now What?

Manufacturer and distributor of Direct-to-Consumer FDA registered Bluetooth App-Controlled Hearing Aids, InnerScope (OTCMKTS:INND) on August 9, 2021 partnered with Health-E Commerce for offering the medical aids to the 70+ million consumers with pre-tax as well as tax-free health spending accounts.

The company also launched Direct-to-Consumer Hearing Aids on the online marketplace,, an online marketplace devoted to individuals participating in workplace wellness as well as health incentive programs.

Matthew Moore, president, and CEO of InnerScope, said that the firm is keen on partnering with Health-e-Commerce for offering Direct-to-Consumer Hearing Aids on eCommerce websites to reach out to millions of consumers. It is estimated that 48 million Americans have hearing loss and due to high cost and accessibility, significant Americans live with the health risks associated with hearing loss. Moore added that this will provide a thrust to Innerscope’s mission of providing affordable hearing health solutions.

Rida Wong, president of Health-E Commerce, said that the firm is striving to deliver a wide array of exclusively FSA- and HSA-eligible products that improve the health of families and individuals. Wong said that the company is providing consumers with access to reliable hearing products, which can be bought from pre-tax healthcare dollars.

InnerScope’s Hearing Aids are given directly to consumer homes for personalizing hearing aids to their hearing needs in less than 10 minutes using any smartphone.

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