Optimus Healthcare Services Inc. (OTC:OHCS) Stock On The Radar After Announcing a Major Update 

Division of Optimus Healthcare Services Inc. (OTC:OHCS), Clinical Research Alliance announced a fresh strategic partnership with Quality Cancer Care P.C. and Dr. Gardith Joseph. Both Dr. Joseph and CRA are aiming to harness their experience specializing in Oncology with the mission of expanding clinical trials to an underserved population.

Dr. Joseph has significant experience with gastrointestinal, breast, and hematologic cancers. She earned her medical degree from Universidad de Sevilla FOM and has affiliations with Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, New York-Presbyterian, and Brookdale Hospital Medical Center.

Dr. Joseph said CRA gives patients the choice of participating in clinical trials, and he expressed excitement about the opportunity to assist the community. She has decades of experience in the oncology field and will assist in bringing clinical trials to patients in Brooklyn. N.Y. CRA has participated in about 200 decentralized trials, providing thousands of patients, and is looking forward to the great work that can be accomplished with Dr. Joseph.

John Sganga, President and CEO of CRA, said he is pleased to be partnering with Dr. Joseph. Sganga added that she represents physicians and that CRA wants strategic partnerships. The CEO added that Dr. Joseph is committed to giving much-needed care to the New York community and is looking forward to giving patients access to oncology clinical trials. 

Optimus Healthcare Services Inc. announced entering into a Memorandum of Understanding with RUA Diagnostics Inc. The parties may discuss a joint venture agreement for commercializing diagnostic devices. This is based on a patent license agreement between the Regents of the University of Michigan and RUA.

The Agreement includes several international and U.S. patents on the use of miniature gas detectors and micro-gas chromatography with related software and artificial intelligence. These will be utilized for breath analysis, both for the diagnosis of animal and human diseases.

The targeted diseases may include ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome), sepsis, traumatic brain injury, pneumonia, and other inflammatory diseases. The technology enables monitoring the progression of disease in patients. It has been developed in collaboration between the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering and the Weil Institute for Critical Care Research and Innovation. This was done under the purview of Kevin Ward, MD (Professor of Emergency Medicine and Director of the Weil Institute) and Xudong Fan, Ph.D. (Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Associate Director of the Weil Institute).

The work has shown the ability to diagnose patients with ARDS and COVID-19. Funded partly by the Department of Defense and the National Institutes of Health, the team will carry on working on the advancement of the technology with Optimus and RUA.

Optimus Healthcare Services Inc. is focusing on the creation of innovative healthcare organizations that advance disease management and clinical research, besides providing access to vaccines and pharmaceuticals.

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