Blackwell 3D Construction Corp. (OTC:BDCC) Stock Soars 40%: Here is Why

If you are currently looking for innovative companies to track and study, then it could be a good move to consider keeping an eye on Blackwell 3D Construction Corp. (OTC:BDCC). It is a 3D hose printing technology outfit involved in changing the face of the construction industry by printing out environmentally responsible 3D homes. More importantly, those homes are produced in far less time and for far lesser costs when compared to the construction of traditional homes.

The company was in the news cycle on April 25 after it announced that it had acquired 100% interest in the Dubai-based Blackwell Realtech 3D Printing Construction LLC. It was a significant new development for the company since it demonstrated its commitment to achieving optimum project readiness. The company revealed that it had completed the transaction through the issuance of 1,000,000 restricted shares of its common stock. In the news release, the company also announced that the acquisition aligned perfectly with Blackwell 3D Construction’s plans for growth.

Blackwell Realtech would provide the company with considerable experience and expertise in the 3D printing construction space, thanks to the technology. The addition would boost Blackwell 3D Construction’s status as a leader in the industry as a cutting-edge solution provider.

Additionally, the acquisition would also allow the company to provide a more diversified suite of services. It would expand the offerings of the company to also include 3D printing construction solutions. However, one of the more important effects of the acquisition would be the fact that Blackwell 3D Construction would be able to tap into new markets and opportunities in the fast-growing 3D construction industry. The Chief Executive Officer of Blackwell 3D Construction, Mohammed Saif Zaveri, noted that the acquisition constituted a major new milestone for the company in its continued move towards greater growth and innovation.


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