Smart Cannabis (OTCMKTS:SCNA) Offers Customer Inspired Hemp And Cannabidiol Products

Smart Cannabis (OTCMKTS:SCNA)’s Budding Botanicals (BB) develops and provides cannabidiol and hemp products for patients considering customer inspirations. The product portfolio of BB includes Pet treats, cannabidiol hard candies, tinctures, capsules (25 mg), salves, and capsules.

Tinctures are offered in 100 mg to 1,500 mg denominations. Cannabidiol solves available in two versions – with and without THC.

Edible candies, aka CBD Gummies, comprise cannabidiol oil. CBD candies provide relief from pain, depression, anxiety, and inflammation and promote sound sleep. Cannabidiol is free from psychoactive properties. It gained wide popularity in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries because of anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Learns the needs of customers at a personal level and serves

The main target of BB is to understand customers’ preferences and issues and provide them with suggestions and tailor-made products, which are highly effective.

For example, a customer is unable to feed himself because of extreme tremors and pain. The company adjusted the dosage level and developed a custom made program that comprises cannabidiol salves and tinctures. It helped that client to get rid of opioids addiction, regain dignity, and feeding himself. Dawn Norby, who heads BB, said the customer is over joyous.

Offers organic CBD isolates

BB is committed to providing only organic cannabidiol isolates to its clients. The company uses only high quality and safe ingredients because its clientele comprises defense or other reputed professionals.

Interim CEO of Smart Cannabis, Mark Cheung, who took charge in Q3 2019, decided to drive the growth going forward by tapping the promising hemp and cannabidiol businesses. According to Mark, the company is already engaged in the building and marketing of cannabis greenhouses. Therefore, cannabidiol and hemp business is a perfect fit for Smart Cannabis.

Smart Cannabis took over Budding Botanicals on October 1, 2019, and attached it to its subsidiary Next Generation Farming Inc. After acquiring hemp and cannabidiol operations, the company diversified its business. BB sells hemp and cannabidiol products through its online store. All the organic cannabidiol products are grown indoors and only offer additives free products.

Smart Cannabis entry into the cannabidiol and hemp products will offer rich dividends to the investors. The demand for cannabis in the US expects to reach $80 billion by the year 2030.

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