CURE Pharmaceutical’s (OTCMKTS:CURR) Pharmacokinetic Study On CBD Oral Thin Film Show Enhanced Bioavailability Relative to CBD Softgel

CURE Pharmaceutical’s (OTCMKTS:CURR) pharmacokinetic study of their 25mg CBD oral thin film (OTF) in healthy subjects demonstrated enhanced cannabidiol bioavailability relative to25mg of CBD soft gel

Study shows CURE’s CBD oral thin film is effective

According to a pharmacokinetic study conducted on 14 healthy adults, the OTF showed faster serum absorption and higher serum concentration from the company’s CBD OTF dose form. This is when compared to the commercially available cannabidiol gel. Equally study results showed that the CUREform™ delivery platform which entails molecule encapsulation and solubilisation can offer enhanced benefits relative to the solubilisation only delivery mode that soft gels employ. Also, there is a possibility that the delivery platform can offer additive or synergistic benefits in terms of bioavailability.

There is limited bioavailability in CBD phytocannabinoid compounds because they are fat soluble which makes them difficult for body absorption.Equally, it can degrade extensively through the first pass drug metabolism. However, the CUREform™ proprietary platform has been designed exclusively to overcome these limitations and offer an effective delivery mode of the active ingredients.

CUREform™ tech-enhanced bioavailability of CBD

Vered Gigi, the Chief Scientific Officer of CURE Pharmaceutical, stated that according to results from a recent study, the CUREform™ technology enhances CBD bioavailability and thus helps lower the dose required. As a result, this will facilitate the minimization of the side effects and also improve compliance. Gigi added that they believe this technology can effectively be applied for other molecules with bioavailabilty issues and thus deliver enhanced patient benefits.

The company’s CEO, Rob Davidson, said that the CUREform™ delivery platform includes encapsulation technology they attained from the company’s acquisition of Chemistry Holdings. Davidson added that the tech has commercial applications for cannabidiol more so when delivered in high doses. CUREform™’s transmucosal or buccal application might help in averting the first-pass metabolism of the drug and thus deliver enhanced patient results. He concluded that the potential of meeting a unmet medical need in a large client base is very compelling.

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