Orchid Ventures Inc. (OTCMKTS:ORVRF) Introduces New PureTec Delivery Systems Product Lines And Launches Three New Products Lines

Orchid Ventures Inc. (OTCMKTS:ORVRF) has announced that PurTec Delivery Systems, its hardware manufacturing subsidiary, has finalized the testing and development of new products. The new products include a disposable vape and a comprehensively tested value cartilage.

Orchid Ventures with new tested disposable vapes

Interestingly the products have been subject to leach testing to determine the presence of heavy metals or toxic materials leach in the oil in the cart. They have also been through PurTec’s industry-leading AFNOR standards emissions testing, a test evaluating the actual vapor exiting the hardware which a consumer inhales.

Luke Hemphill, Orchid Ventures’ CEO, said that the company’s focus is to design and engineer premium quality vaporizer products for all market spectrums from high-end to value. He added that the company believes that consumers should access safe, reliable, and tested products which they are committed to delivering. Hemphill stated that the company’s recent round of products is proof that consumers shouldn’t consume unsafe, untested, and unreliable products. Orchid Ventures has seen demand for emission tested products and disposable products similar to trends witnessed in the nicotine markets, which has been vital for development. The CEO concluded that they expect the new slimline PurCore Silo to be the new disposable vape standard.

Orchid launches three new product lines

The company recently announced the launch of three new product lines in Oregon and California and expanded product inventory. The Orchid Brands team has been working on three new vape product lines as the company continues to see a rebound in vape sales since the 2019 vape scare. The company developed and tested the products to appeal to a different set of consumer segments.

The first product is the Orchid Vibes, which features the PurTec Summit cartridge with complementary terpene profiles such as Purple Punch and Mimosa. Orchid Ventures also improved the Orchid Classic line, which features classic Orchid Essential formulations like Dutch Treat and Jack Herer, and other terpenes. The company has equally introduced the Orchid Gold live resin seasonal craft strains and flavors.

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