Tauriga Sciences Inc (OTCMKTS:TAUG) Submits An IPA Under PCT For Its Upcoming Pharmaceutical Cannabinoid Chewing Gum To Cure Active Chemotherapy Treatment Derived Nausea

Tauriga Sciences Inc (OTCMKTS:TAUG) submitted an IPA (International Patent Application) under PCT (Patent cooperation treaty) for its proposed  Pharmaceutical Cannabinoid (PC) Chewing Gum.

THC free chewing gum

Tauriga will use its innovative chewing gum to cure nausea associated with active chemotherapy treatment. CBD gums are free from THC and allergens. They are also non-GMO, Gluten-free, compliance certified, and 100% legal.

The customers can avail of cannabinoid chewing gums in various flavors like Black Currant, Pear Bellini, Blood Orange, Pomegranate, Peach Lemon, and Mint.

The company entered MSA (Master Services Agreement) with Clinical Strategies & Tactics, Inc, based in North Carolina, on December 8, 2020, to develop a pharmaceutical grade of Tauri-Gum. PC Chewing gum comprises high levels of CBD.

Expands pet treat offerings

Tauriga expanded its pet treat offerings to include Butternut Squash Flavor dog treats strengthened with calcium, natural flavored Apple Flavor dog treats, and Peanut Butter Flavor dog treats blended with 5mg cannabidiol.

Introduces 25 mg of Tauri-Gum infused with CBG and CBD

Tauriga will launch 25 mg of Tauri-Gum blended with cannabidiol and CBG. Consumers can avail of this product from dispensaries, gas station convenience marts, and online stores of Tauriga. 3 SKUs are blended with CBD, and 2 SKUs are infused with CBG.

Tauriga is free from convertible debt. The company issued convertible debentures, each having a face value of $210,000 during 2020.

Tauriga used these debentures to commence its pharmaceutical development. Seth M. Shaw, CEO of Tauriga, said the company is proud of achieving this significant progress. The company maintains a strong balance sheet and focuses on improving the shareholders’ value in the long-term and short term.

Pays $267,500 for production run

Tauriga completed the payment of $267,500 for its production run. The company manufactured 72,000 Tauri-Gum blister packs, each comprising 8 Tauri-Gum variants.

Some of the Tauri-Gum production yields are:

  • 9,000 Tauri-Gum blister packs, each comprising 25 mg of CBD in blood orange flavor,
  • 9,000 Tauri-Gum blister packs each consists of 25 mg of CBD in pomegranate flavor,
  • 9,000 Tauri-Gum blister packs each consists of 25 mg of CBG in Peach-Lemon Flavor,
  • 9,000 Tauri-Gum blister packs, each comprising 10 mg of zinc and 60 mg of vitamin c in Pear Bellini Flavor.

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