IDGlobal Corp. (OTC:IDGC) Unveils Strategic Partnership with AI Powerhouse QHP Corporation

IDGlobal Corp (OTC:IDGC) announced the acquisition of QHP Corporation. IDGlobal Corp said that the prevailing dynamic commercial landscape entails corporations to pursue inventive solutions for streaming operations as well as optimizing return on investment.

QHP deploys AI-Driven Business Optimization, harnessing the power of AI to find solutions to operational challenges and automate routine tasks. The firm gives businesses the power to unlock significant advantages and attain unparalleled levels of efficiency. QHP first examines the operational inefficiencies and client pain points and then shares areas suitable for operational enhancement and AI-induced automation. The appraisal enables the company to customize solutions and ensure alignment with each client’s specific goals and challenges.

QHP also harnesses RPA technologies for automating tasks within organizations besides curtailing inaccuracies resulting in greater productivity and lowering operational expenditures. It is also involved in cost evaluation, encompassing implementation, development, and improvement. The firm also fosters interdepartmental cohesion and catalyzes collaborations. within client organizations.

The company understands significance of data and aims to harness both structured as well as unstructured data sources. It extracts insights from the data, including comments and feedback providing a crucial understanding of market trends and business performance.

IDGlobal Corp announced Groundbreaking Venture in Digital Workflows and Innovations in Digital Marketing. The firm is embarking on a journey to revolutionize digital workflows and drive innovations. The company introduced two esteemed members joining the instituted Advisory Board, focused on workflow analytics and AI.

The modern business environment entails research and marketing decisions with significant speed. IDGlobal Corp is aiming to harness the power of AI to deliver the same. Integrating industry specialists engaged in AI and digital technology, IDGlobal Corp is looking to unlock significant opportunities and drive growth for the subsidiary.

AI marketing is a game-changer as it can enable automated decision-making and tailor the marketing efforts like never before. The company is aiming to identify emerging trends in the economy and adapt strategies for maximizing impact.

However, this entails a team of specialists possessing the vision and expertise to take the firm to new heights. The company has assembled a diverse and skilled group of professionals to shape the objectives of the Advisory Board. IDGlobal Corp is committed to ensuring that the AI initiatives align seamlessly with business goals, enabling collaboration from various backgrounds to challenge the status quo.  AI technology provides a number of powerful use cases across various industries.

IDGC CEO, Sebastien C. DuFort said that there are just a few examples of the robust use cases for AI technology that the company is developing products for. The CEO added that the potential and versatility of AI will expand, delivering impacts across industries and reshaping the way people live and interact with technology. The firm would also be announcing a corporate update in the near future.

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