Penny Stocks to Watch: IDGC, SSOF, HWAL, GCLT

While it is true that investment in penny stocks requires a degree of risk tolerance, it is also true that these stocks can often generate outsized returns in a short span of time. However, it is imperative to do one’s research diligently in order to discover the stock to watch. Here is a quick look at four penny stock that may be worth watching in the coming days.

IDGlobal Corp (OTC:IDGC) – The company could be one to track today after it announced that it had implemented artificial technology into its technology bundle. IDGlobal Corp noted that due to this implementation, it would be possible for customers to use highly efficient algorithms for a variety of tasks.

Such tasks may include energy and natural gas analysis, lead generation, document processing, studying historic trends, marketing budget and client retention among others. However, the company also noted that it was going to continue to focus on partnerships, acquisitions and onboarding of new clients in the real estate, finance, healthcare and energy industries.

The company is emerging as a growth company and mainly focussed on middle market and emerging international investment opportunities by way of its subsidiary units. It operates in the form of a holding company. The company is also working on acquisitions, partnerships, joint ventures and licensing deals in order to spur growth.

Sixty Six Oilfield Services Inc (OTC:SSOF) – On Thursday, the Chief Executive Officer of the company Daniel Sobolewski announced that the company had put in place a policy to transition out of its legacy businesses. Additionally, he noted that Sixty Six Oilfield Services Inc was also looking to move into a new direction for the benefit of its shareholders and investors. He noted that the process of restructuring and elimination of debt are both processes that would take time.

He went on to note that prior to the completion of those processes, the company remained cautious. The company was also considering the appointment of new directors to the board and hiring of officers, who had a track record of success. He acknowledged that the shareholders of Sixty Six Oilfield Services deserved better than what they had been delivered in the past by the company. He also stated that the company was determined to change the poor performance record.

Hollywall Entertainment Inc (OTC:HWAL) – The telecom, media, entertainment and technology company announced yesterday that it had created a technology-driven media and entertainment company with LIG Assets Inc. The name of the new venture is Alliance Inc and plans had been drawn up to issue dividends to shareholders of both companies in the first quarter of 2024.

LIG Assets is a sustainability focussed company involved in the media, housing and logistics markets. Alliance Inc was established due to the collective interest of Hollywall Entertainment Inc and LIG Assets to acquire and produce film, television and music content. Additionally, there would also be plans to acquire Cable networks, TV, radio and syndication entities.

GainClients Inc (OTC:GCLT) – On Wednesday the company announced that it had recorded its most productive week of 2023 after having added 8 new clients in a matter of 96 hours. The Chief Executive Officer of GainClients Inc Ed Lain noted that since last Friday and up until this past Wednesday, the company gained a total of 8 clients. That brought the total number of clients to 80. Despite the rise in interest rates the Tucson-based company continues to add new customers in an uncertain climate. The latest development indicated that GainClients could be on track to continue its record-breaking spree in the near term as well.




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