Lingerie Fighting Championships, Inc. (OTCMKTS: BOTY) Trades Up After Filing.

Lingerie Fighting Championships, Inc. (OTC Pink: BOTY) Traded higher Thursday.

BOTY shares closed the session at .0025 up 31% on the day adding .0006 to the previous days close. 151 million shares traded hands almost four times its 30 day average trading volume of 45 million shares a day. BOTY opened the day at .002 and traded between .0018 and .0029. Shares need to get through the .0029 .003 resistance area that held for March.

According to a release put out in March, Lingerie Fighting Championships, Inc. (OTC Pink: BOTY) secured funding sufficient to get current in their filings and hold events through the remainder of 2021. 

CEO, Shaun Donnelly said in that release, “I expect us to be current again in 30 to 45 days.”

Well, Thursday they released their 2019 10k.

Here are a few highlights:
Our Business
Our LFC business and brand is focused on building and establishing a sports entertainment league that utilizes wrestling and mixed martial arts (“MMA”) fighting techniques for purposes of providing entertainment. We seek to promote and market our brand, our programming, our events and our products.

Our mission is to establish the popularity of our LFC league and brand based on holding live events and to promote our athletes via a reality series and merchandise such t-shirts and calendars. Our uniqueness is derived from our predominantly all-female league structure, where a vast array of beautiful, attractive, and unique women engage in wrestling and MMA fighting techniques against one another for purposes of delivering high-quality entertainment to mature audiences.

Our management believes that the LFC league and our unique approach in applying a predominantly all-female league structure to wrestling and mixed martial arts give us a substantial competitive advantage to build the popularity of the LFC league in general.

Our Events
Our operations seek to be organized around the development, promotion and distribution of our live events and televised entertainment programming. We also seek to develop branding and merchandising avenues for revenues.

Live Events
Our live events are a unique mix of MMA and professional wrestling performed before a live audience and recorded and edited by our in-house production team.

To date, we have hosted 13 live events across the U.S. and Europe as well as more than 80 episodes of a reality series which are normally 30 minutes each. Our brand is growing on social media where our content has been viewed by more than 50 million people.

Video Programming
We are an independent producer of video programming for digital home video and intend to develop such video programming for broadcast television, cable television, pay-per-view and video-on-demand markets. We produce scripted style fights featuring attractive and athletic females of the LFC league clothed in lingerie. Our featured episodes, called the Lingerie Fighting Championships, include live action content stylized and modeled in the format of a reality television series.

Television Programming; Pay-Per View Programming
We will produce and own our television programming and video library and believe that pay-per-view and video-on- demand television distribution presents opportunities to generate revenue for our business. In an effort to build our LFC brand, we plan to distribute our live event programming through pay-per-view and video-on-demand television outlets in the future.

Home Video
We expect to pursue opportunities in the home video market by licensing, on a distribution fee and/or royalty basis our growing video library to third parties to develop, produce, manufacture, and sell DVDs for the home video market. We hope to develop a video library with proprietary material from our live events, television broadcasts, special events and behind-the-scenes content of live events. To date, we have developed and produced an LFC DVD entitled “Lingerie Fighting Championships: Lace vs Leather” which is currently being sold on the LFC official website ( as well as

It is intended that we will continue to produce develop our video programming to be sold in DVD volume installments in retail stores and on-line via such e-commerce platforms such as the LFC official site ( and other third party retailers including, but not limited to, Amazon® and iTunes®. We are currently in discussion with various other retailers specializing in home video distribution. All references herein to Amazon®, iTunes®, YouTube® or Facebook® are to websites operated by such entities and we do not have any rights, affiliation or license with them other than the presence of our media or products on such media platforms as set forth herein.

Online Programming
We utilize the Internet to communicate with our fans and market and distribute our various programming. Through our network of websites and social media, our fans and customers can obtain the latest news and information on the LFC, purchase our live event tickets, home video programming, and purchase our branded merchandise. Our main site is

Branded Merchandise
Licensing and Direct Sales. We believe that licensing of LFC names, logos and copyrighted works on a variety of retail products presents a further opportunity to generate revenues. As our brand grows, we expect to pursue greater opportunities to expand our licensing efforts through a more comprehensive licensing program.

Lingerie Fighting Championships Inc. (OTC Pink: BOTY) still has all the Qs and K for 2020 to file but it appears they are moving in that direction and that has investors a little bit excited.

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